Burial Lots

All Cemetery plots are $500.00, which includes the plot and upkeep, consisting of mowing and trimming.

Example Lot

plot layout
Each plot is permitted one full burial and one cremation, or two cremations.  

If a plot is shared for two burials, the headstone can only be 40 inches in length, rather than the maximum 88 inches for a headstone that spans two side-by-side plots.  Sample Deed      Deed transfer fee - $30
Burial Fees:  Effective: January 1st 2022
  1. Dennis Dehn


  2. Oak Hill Cemetery

    Physical Address
    1283 Main St.
    Horicon, WI 53032

    Mailing Address
    404 E. Lake St.
    Horicon, WI 53032

  Standard Burial Cremation Burial Additional Fees
Weekday $775 $350  
Saturday $925 $450  
Sunday $1000 $500  
Winter Rates     $150 December - March
Burial 4-5PM     $125
Headstone Marking     $40
You may contact the curator who will provide information for local monument offices. Prior to headstone delivery, the curator must be contacted to mark the correct placement for the headstone.  The marking fee may be added to the cost of the monument.  Please advise your monument vendor.  

If a monument is shared between two adjacent plots, the headstone will be marked in the north-south center of the two plots at the west end.  All full body burials are oriented with feet to the east, as is customary.