Cemetery Regulations

  1. No trees, shrubs, bushes, etc. may be planted on cemetery grounds. Those planted years ago, before regulations were enacted, must be cared for, trimmed, etc. by the owners or they will be removed.
  2. Planting of flowers may be done in front of the Memorial/Monument. This area covers about 8-10 inches from the front of the foundation, not on the sides.
  3. Wreaths, decorations, etc. may be placed only in front of the Memorial/Monument with a limit of 3 items per site.
  4. Shepherd's hooks or other metal hangars may be placed in front or in the back of the Memorial/Monument foundation.  Items hung should be seen from the front.
  5. Wreaths, flowers, etc. on wires or plastic containers should be anchored close to the front of the foundation and kept upright by the person who placed them.
  6. No glass containers are allowed.
  7. Urns may be placed on the side of the Memorial/Monument but need a cement or plastic foundation which should be placed next to the original foundation and not interfere with cutting or mowing.
  8. Oakhill Cemetery is not responsible for missing or lost decorations.

NOTE:  After strong winds or rain, please check your items.
* Also listed on a sign to the right of the office.

Last updated:
                                                                                        September 2011

                                                                                        Please also take
                                                                                        note of the sign
                                                                                        posted on the                                                                                           entrance road

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